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Quick Yo-Yo Makers



What is it? - What can you make with fabric yo-yo’s? That’s not the real question. The real question should be what can’t you make with fabric yo-yo’s? Those little creative gems are perfect for all kinds of home décor applications like doilies, quilts, bead spreads, pillows, placemats or fashion accessories like dresses, vests, headbands or standalone projects like purses, bags, jewelry, decorative wall hangings or even toys for the little ones. And how creative can we be when making them? Also unlimited. We have different sizes and shapes of yo-yo templates. And with an almost inexhaustible selection of fabric colors, patterns, and textures there is no limit what we can creatively pursue. If you doubt that check your fabric stash. See what I mean, pretty much unlimited. And that brings us to the next question. How do we make these beautiful little fabric medallions that can be formed into any number of accessories for home or wardrobe? Grandmother used templates made from round lids of oatmeal containers or orange juice cans. Technologically minded millennials use discarded CD’s. It’s all the same. Those templates work but they don’t work well. That’s because it’s not just the round shape that we need. It’s also the seam allowance and the stitch length. If both of those are not uniformly consistent then our yo-yos will not be consistent. But how can we do that, how can we ensure that our seam allowances and stitch lengths are even and consistent? Check with your friends at Clover. They’ve produced a set of Quick Yo-Yo templates that will enable you to create perfect yo-yo’s easily and consistently.

What does it do? - Any job worth doing is worth doing well. Consider the effort we’re willing to put into our projects.  Because of that we want and deserve to have perfection and personal satisfaction with what we’ve accomplished. Consistently spacing stitches a quarter inch apart with a quarter inch seam allowance is a challenge. Clover’s Quick Yo-Yo templates take away all of the guess work and tedium. Perfect yo-yo’s every time.

Quick Yo-Yo makers are available in two shapes. The more traditional round yo-yo’s come in five sizes from extra small to jumbo.  A cute heart shape is available in one size.

- Quick Yo-Yo Makers -

Art No. 8702 “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker (Extra Small)


Art No. 8700 “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker (Small)

Art No. 8701  “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker (Large)

Art No. 8703  “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker (Extra Large)

Art No. 8708 “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker (Jumbo)

Art No. 8705  “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker (Heart-Shape/Large)

Quick Yo-Yo makers are sturdy, two-piece plastic templates. Simply capture the fabric between the two discs and trim the excess. Take a threaded needle sequentially through the perforations in the template to produce evenly spaced stitches at an exact seam allowance for perfect gathers.

- How to Use -

Place the fabric between the plates and cut off the seam allowance leaving 3-5mm.

Stitch following the holes in the plates.

Remove the plates and gather the thread.

Gather tightly, knot the end and hide it by placing it inside.

Round off to a nice shape and voila!

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