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Corporate Philosophy


Good Products, Good Person, Good Company

Corporate Philosophy

Make people around the world happy through handmade


Become the world’s leading company in the handmade industry that enrich people’s lives.

Code of Conduct

Pursuit of customer satisfaction

Provide unique products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Prioritize the safety and quality of products and services.

Conservation of the global environment

At every stage of our corporate activities, create products and services, taking account the environment, human health and the ecosystem, and value the planet.

Commitment to fair and honest corporate ethics

Treat others with respect and compassion, stand in their shoes, and create a fair and
vibrant workplace.

Create a workplace where we can all be proud of what we do and where we work

Create an environment all members can have strong will and challenge spirit.

Always take ownership of words and actions with sincerity and good faith.


Not only comply with laws and regulations, social norms, and internal rules, but also
conduct fair and free competition as well as honest and fair business activities.

Respect the basic human rights and diverse values of individuals, and will not discriminateor harass any person based on gender, age, race, religion, nationality, or disability.