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Chalk Marking Pens



What is it? -Almost everything we do in sewing or quilting requires measuring, marking and cutting. Because it is so important to our resulting project, we go to great lengths to make very precise measurements. But once we arrive at that measured point, how do we mark it? How do we identify a desired point, line, circle or curve? Keep in mind that cotton, wool, fleece, spandex, or any number of other fabrics all have different textures and fiber characteristics. Add to that mix having to allow for light or dark colors and we have a lot to consider in choosing a suitable marking medium. In providing a solution to these modern marking challenges Clover has developed an array of useful marking chalk instruments.

What does it do? -Clover’s arsenal of chalk marking devices allows us to match the tool to the job. Something for every texture and color.

Chaco Liner Marking Pens – These pens utilize chalk for making our marks. There are two types. The Chaco Liner Pen Style resembles a traditional marking pen. It is available in 5 colors and has cartridge style refills. The Original Chaco Liner is available in 4 colors with a reservoir that is refilled from a small container of chalk. Both styles apply the chalk from a serrated rotating wheel at the point. This allows a very smooth application of marking chalk in any straight or curved design to virtually any surface. A “Jack of All Trades”, they work on most fabric textures. The color selection allows us to find the one that contrasts the best with our fabric. When the marks are no longer needed they can be simply brushed or washed away. Warning: ironing or dry cleaning the chalk marks may make them difficult to remove.

Chaco Liner Pen Style

4710 Chaco Liner Pen Style (Blue)

4711 Chaco Liner Pen Style (Pink)

4712 Chaco Liner Pen Style (White)

4713 Chaco Liner Pen Style (Yellow)

4714 Chaco Liner Pen Style (Silver)

Chaco Liner

469/B Chaco Liner (Blue)

469/P Chaco Liner (Pink)

469/W Chaco Liner (White)

469/Y Chaco Liner (Yellow)

Triangle Tailor's Chalk – Triangle Tailor’s chalk has been around forever. Well, at least as long as tailors anyway. It is the absolute most basic fabric marking tool and everyone loves them. It’s triangular in shape and has thin edges so it’s easy to handle and leaves precise lines. It allows fast, accurate and temporary chalk marking on virtually any type of fabric. Four colors are available from Clover so pick one that contrasts with your material and the resulting measurements for cuts, hems, darts or any other marked application, alteration or notation will be a breeze to make. When the marks are no longer needed they can be easily brushed or washed away. These ultra handy little chalk triangles are fast, easy to use and leave no residue on your fabric. As with all chalk marking materials, dry cleaning or ironing can make them more difficult to remove.

Triangle Tailor's Chalk

432/B Triangle Tailor's Chalk(Blue)

432/R Triangle Tailor's Chalk(Red)

432/W Triangle Tailor's Chalk(White)

432/Y Triangle Tailor's Chalk(Yellow)