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Tracing Wheels



What is it?

The venerable tracing wheel. The first one I ever saw was as a youngster looking through my grandmother’s sewing basket. I thought it was there by mistake. It was obviously a toy. What could a stick and a wheel possibly have to do with sewing? Fast forward a few decades and it is all clear to me now. Not that I use it, I just have an appreciation of its use as a sewing tool. Almost everything we construct when we sew uses a pattern at some point in the process. Fashion, heirloom, purses and bags, accessories, home decor, they all use them. Some of the patterns are very complex while others are rather simple. But most have marks on them for making small adjustments or positioning darts or notches or establishing grain lines. What is the best way to efficiently and precisely transfer these marks to our fabric? What if we want to use one of those dress patterns that don’t have seam allowances marked? Is there any way to make a duplicate copy of an old pattern that has been in the family for years but has seen better days? The Clover tracing wheels are the answer to all of these questions.

What does it do?

Clover produces three different tracing wheels, each designed to fit any number of applications from routine to uniquely you. Each tracing wheel is constructed of durable plastic molded to fit comfortably in your hand and a steel wheel mounted to ensure precision performance for years to come.


Art No. 480/W Tracing Wheel (Serrated Edge) –The serrated edges on this tracing wheel are designed to penetrate. If you are using transfer paper to copy your pattern the result will be a precise dotted line. If you are transferring a pattern directly to a fine fabric the result will be a precise line of fine holes.


Art No. 481/W Tracing Wheel (Blunt Edges) – The blunt edges on this tracing wheel are designed not to penetrate and will not damage your pattern or fabric. This tracing wheel is primarily used with some type of transfer paper such as Clover Chacopy to leave a more broad, easily defined line.



Art No. 487/W Double Tracing Wheel – The double tracing wheel is a handy little marvel. With it you can trace off your cut lines and seam allowances in one easy motion.  It can also be used to increase or decrease the size of a pattern piece. The wheel position is adjustable so any seam allowance from 10 to 1 and 30 is selectable. Because the two wheels are held together on the same handle the resulting lines will be perfectly parallel every time.