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Fill your home with handmade goods this Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? We've brought together here ideas for handmade goods that lift the Christmas spirit.

Easy-to-make mini trees

Place a pretty mini tree on a shelf or in a window. They can be easily made using pom-poms or fabric yo-yos.

Hand make ornaments to create unique decorations

Have you finished decorating your Christmas tree? It’s pleasing to see the number of ornaments lovingly made with your own hands increase each year.

Celebrate Christmas with patchwork

Stockings to put presents in, an advent calendar, table mats — why not make them yourself with fabric that you love? It will make the wait until Christmas even more fun.

A special project only for this season! A Christmas bracelet

Decorating yourself will boost your Christmas spirit even more!

Избранный проект

Great for beginners! Handmade accessories

Easy and cute punch embroidery

Easy-to-use circular needles make knitting even more fun

Trick or treat! Enliven the Halloween spirit with your own handmade works