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What is it? – Thimbles in one form or another have been around a long as needles have. Ancient sewing artifacts include "press stones", the precursor to modern thimbles.  Almost 2500 years ago residents of the Mediterranean area were using more familiar shaped bronze thimbles. Why? Well, whether you're pushing a spike through animal hides or a hand sewing needle through a high thread count cotton fabric it still hurts your fingers. Over the years those crude press stones have evolved into the refined, task specific thimbles in use globally today. These thimbles have applications to embroidery, appliqué, quilting, beading, decorative top stitching, tailoring, or virtually anything else that involves a needle. It’s something that is essential to every sewing kit. In its basic form the thimble simply covers the finger to protect it from the eye-end of the needle. Most thimbles have dimples or even edges to keep the end of the needle in place as it is pushed through the fabric. Thimbles come in different shapes, sizes, construction materials and even combinations of materials and all to accommodate the requirements of the individual sewer. Feel, comfort and functionality are paramount in selecting just the right one.

What does it do? – The thimble is a very personal sewing tool. It's important that it provides the right comfort, feel and function. Clover has developed a range of thimbles that meet the requirements of the entire spectrum of sewing and craft applications.

Flexible Rubber Thimbles The new Flexible Rubber Thimbles can be best described as needle grippers! They can be worn on either your index finger or your thumb to grip the needle and finish pulling it through the fabric. Or if you’re working with heavy fabrics, you can wear the flexible thimbles on both the index finger and the thumb, allowing you to pull the needle through with so much ease. Available in two sizes.


Flexible Rubber Thimbles (Medium)


Flexible Rubber Thimbles (Large)

Natural Fit Leather Thimble  Made of high quality leather with the seam sewn at the top of the finger and away from the needle action. This allows the sewer to push the needle with either the tip or side of the finger enabling amazing multi-directional flexibility for the most demanding techniques. It is very comfortable and allows a great sense of touch. Available in three sizes.


Natural Fit Leather Thimble (Small)


Natural Fit Leather Thimble (Medium)


Natural Fit Leather Thimble (Large)

Protect and Grip Thimble – Constructed with a metal tip to articulate with the needle and "vented" rubber sides to hold it in place on the finger. The metal tip has dimples to hold the needle head in place and a pronounced ridge around the top to provide extra holding should it be required. The vented rubber sides allow circulation to keep the finger cool. The compact size and weight of this thimble makes it a natural for detail work like hand quilting or appliqué. Available in three sizes.


Protect and Grip Thimble (Small)


Protect and Grip Thimble (Medium)


Protect and Grip Thimble (Large)

Adjustable Ring Thimble  An adjustable metal ring thimble with dimples on the periphery. This is a very adaptable thimble used for any number of specialized techniques or requirements. One adjustable size.


Adjustable Ring Thimble

Adjustable Ring Thimble With Plate – An adjustable ring with a large dimpled plate. The ring allows positioning of the dimpled plate near the palm of the hand. Used primarily for sashiko or other techniques that require the use of long needles and multiple running stitches. One size.


Adjustable Ring Thimble with Plate

Double Sided Thimble – A leather thimble with a dimpled metal insert that wraps from the front around the tip to the other side. This allows the comfort of a leather thimble with the durability of a metal thimble. The wrap-around metal insert makes it adaptable to a wide variety of techniques and special requirements. One size.


Double Sided Thimble

Coin Thimble – A leather thimble made with a single dimpled metal insert. Allows the comfort and feel of a leather thimble with the durability and stability of a dimpled metal thimble. One size (medium).


Coin Thimble (Medium)

Open Sided Thimble – An adjustable dimpled metal thimble with one side open. Cool, roomy and even accommodates longer finger nails. Dimples on three sides makes it adaptable to individual preference. Two sizes.


Open Sided Thimble (Small)


Open Sided Thimble (Medium)