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Halloween Batty Cushion


Designed by

Debbie von Grabler-Crozier

Finished Size

approx. 13cm height *7cm wide


・Yarn: Yarn requiring 5mm needles. The following colours and amounts are needed:

-Colour one- orange- 3x 50g balls

-Colour two- purple- 1x 50g ball

-Colour three- black- 1x 50g ball

・1x 45cm wide x 32cm tall cushion insert

An Important bit:

Please read all instructions and assemble your requirements before beginning the pattern.


thumbnail of IC-KN-189_Batty_Cushion_template



The knitting

Cast on 145 stitches. Join in the round. Mark your start point with a stitch marker.

Colour 1(orange): knit 15 rows.

TIP: the row counter makes it so easy to know which row you are on. Simply give it a click as you knit past your beginning stitch marker.

Colour 2 (purple): knit 4 rows.
Colour 1 (orange): knit 29 rows.
Colour 2 (purple): knit 4 rows.
Colour 1: (orange): knit 15 rows.

Cast off.


Embroider the bat


The bat is embroidered on using Swiss Darning (Duplicate Stitch). Use a single strand of black yarn and your darning needle. Each square on the chart represents a stitch. To embroider, thread your needle with black yarn. Secure the yarn end on the wrong side of the work.


Bring the needle to the right side of the work at the bottom of a stitch ‘V’.


Take the needle from one side of the top of the stitch ‘V’ to the other.


Bring the yarn back to the starting point to complete the stitch.


As you can see, the ‘duplicate stitch’ fits over the knitted one.

TIP: do not pull the yarn too tight as you work.


Embroider the bat using the chart.


Make the tassels


Make four tassels using the Tassel Maker. Set the maker on the middle setting.Make four tassels using the Tassel Maker. Set the maker on the middle setting.

Wind the purple yarn 20 times. When you tie the top of the tassel, leave yarn tails long enough to sew the tassel to the cushion (about 25cm long).


Finishing the Cushion

Sew the top of the cushion closed. Add a tassel to each top corner. Sew the base closed about halfway and attach a tassel to the corner. Insert the cushion and close the base completely. Attach the last tassel.