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Clover Beading Loom

Enjoy making a variety of beaded art of many different sizes!
Beading made simple.
Perfectly assembled and gentle on even the most intricate projects.
The sophisticated thread holder keeps the warp threads precisely in place and makes beading easy for beginners as well.
Weave wonderful accessories with this easy-to-use loom!
①Beading loom: 1
②Holders: 4
③Warp thread stoppers: 2
④Pegs: 12
⑤Beading needle (No.10): 1
⑥Threader: 1
⑦Non-slip strips: 4
* Package does not include beads or thread.
Shortest position : 55mm
Longest position : 215mm
* Wind woven piece onto winding beam to create even longer works.

Art No.9910

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