Circular Knitting Needles
PRO “Takumi®

The times have changed.

Now is the time for bamboo circular knitting needles PRO Takumi. Pro Takumi bamboo is sustainable, polished to perfection, and has an exceptional feel for the first time in your knitting life. Elevate your knitting experience with Pro Takumi.

Product Features

*1,2: U.S. Patented / U.K. and Germany (patent pending)

What makes Takumi the ultimate choice for bamboo needles?
  • 01Eco-Friendly

    Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that grows faster, produces more oxygen and absorbs more CO2 than trees.
    Also, bamboo is very light and flexible, yet strong and sturdy enough for long use. Choosing bamboo can be an easy way to be more sustainable.

  • 02Optimal material

    The foundation of exceptional knitting needles lies in superior materials. Bamboo of four to five years of age, from cold climates, is felled in the winter. Only the optimum, hard and viscous section near the skin, where fibers cluster together, is used.



  • 03Clover quality

    Superior bamboo processing technology and experience have enabled us to maintain a high standard of CLOVER quality. Each manufacturing step undergoes rigorous inspections, so that only knitting needles that have passed all quality assessments reach our valued customers.

Projects using
Circular Knitting Needles
PRO "Takumi®"



Circular Knitting Needles PRO ”Takumi”

The Circular Knitting Needles
PRO “Takumi®” Range

  • 16 in40 cm

  • 24 in60 cm

  • 32 in80 cm

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